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Douglas Ship, 1925  Pool House

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Heirloom Hatching in Nest  Atlantic Beach Pie  Eyeballs From the Beach


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Ocean Beach 08.29.14 0800

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Ocean Beach 07.07.14 0900


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Photo credits: Sydney Martin Harrison
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Above: Gift with purchase.

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August 8, 2013


Above: Neighbor’s arborvitae goes in the ground.

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Above: Neighbor’s arborvitae plus our California privet.

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Above: Securing the perimeter.

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This post will expand with resources about landscape design, including furniture, accessories, pool, and pool-house design. See also The Gardening Post.

Above: Stepped hedges partially block the view of the pool in the winter, when it’s not pretty. Low hedges are architectural.

Above: This is the one.

Above: Hepper Roost Bird House by Jed Crystal. Anodized aluminum.

Left, top: Handcrafted swing made from reclaimed oak. Crafted by Dzierlenga F+U exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile. Personalized with initials, name, or secret message. Right: Made from cedar, much of the end grain of this swing is covered to prevent water absorption. All swings are made to order.

Bottom: Swing on the property of  Tim and Sarah Belk’s farmhouse in Chester, South Carolina. Read about the project and Charlotte architect Ken Pursley at Garden & Gun.



Left: Hazel wattling has been woven around upright poles of chestnut, which have been cemented into the garden for extra strength. Made from coppiced wood in the UK, these kings of screens are a better ecological choice than chemically treated softwood panels.

Resource: Ann-Marie Powell‘s Plans for Small Gardens

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Pool Houses


Above: Unidentified garage renovation.


Above: Seattle-based JAS Design Build transformed an aging boathouse on the shores of Lake Washington from a dark storage structure to a light-filled, multi-tasking space. Source: Remodelista.

Above: Wilton Pool House by Hariri & Hariri


Above: Artist’s Studio, architect unknown.


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Above, left: Right: Space by David Rolston, pavilion by Thomas Upchurch.


Above, left: Charles Rose Architects; right: Resolution 4: Architecture. Source: Houzz.com.

The Oborain Solo is an outdoor shower that can be set up on any level surface, plumbed with garden hoses, then disassembled and stored inside over the winter.  It shower consists of a base, two side panels, back panel, a set of doors and an Hansgroghe Axor Citterio Thermostatic Showerpipe. Too bad it’s $5,200, though seemingly worth every penny. See accessories.


See also: Shower enclosures at Remodelista.com.

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